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Frequently asked questions!

How does it work?
It could not be easier! Simply touch the screen to start - then our software take your photos (with a next generation twist). Then select the photos you want to print, or discard and start again. Photos are printed instantly and collected from the slot outside the booth and see the photos taken from the night on the PhotoShow outside the booth

Are your booths manned?
Yes, we have fully trained Photobooths.Wales operators whos duty is to oversee proceedings and encourage your guests to have fun. Our operators are also highly skilled and know how every part of the setup works and can resolve issues quickly and easily in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

How many people can fit in?
Photobooths.Wales Photobooths holds five to SEVEN people EASILY, but the record so far is NINE people! We encourage you to try and set a new record.

What about the prints?
UNLIMITED - Use our photobooths as many times as you like during your event and get one print each time. We print everything in 6x4 as standard. Your four different shots from your photo-shoot can be arranged in any format dynamically when you chose the photos you want to print. A personalised message and/or corporate logo can be added to your print if you select this option. If you decide prior to your event that you would like an extra set of prints for your guests, this option can be added when making your booking.

So what are reprints then?
Reprints are a second, third, forth.....copy of a print you have already printed. For example if there are 4 people in the booth with you, and you all want a copy you would get the original and ask for 3 reprints of that photos. We can provide extra copies in the moment too if the group requests it, however from experience we've found when the booth is busy we can't print off too many at one go it can create a backlog which affects other people in the queue. So if it is busy and someone wants another copy we ask them to come back and see us when it is quite.

How long does it take to set up?
We made setting up easy, so we can be setup and ready to go in 45mins from arrival.

How much space do I need?
We need to be close to a power socket (within 5 metres) and enough room to comfortably fit the booth in - Our largest booth measures at around 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres. So around 3 meters square is ideal for setting up.

Can I get copies?
Of course! Just email info@Photobooths.Wales and we will send a digital link. We can even send a full extra set of prints in the post for £25.

What printers do you use?
We use thermal dye sublimation printers, the same as the photo processing companies use, the best in the business. The prints are fast, touch dry and water proof immediately.

What cameras do your booths use?
Our photo booths use HD cameras resulting in sharp quality pictures.

Are you covered?
Yes, we have public liability insurance and all of our equipment is PAT tested.

Does your price include VAT?
Yes, VAT is included.

How much do you charge for travel?
Travel is free within 30 miles of our base in South Wales(CF72), and we charge £1 per mile if it is further than 50 miles.

Do you cover Central London?
Yes, we do. Monday to Friday congestion charge of £27.50 will be added to the total bill. It is also client's responsibility to make sure parking is available.

What are the sizes of the photo booths?
Our largest photobooth is: Height 2500mm / Max width 2500mm / Max length 2500mm. If you allow space for that then everything will be fine.

Can your booth go upstairs?
Yes, most of our photobooths have been carefully designed to be easily transported. When we arrive at your venue we put it all together. Therefore there is no problem bringing it in, using stairs or tight lifts. The only exception to this is the magic mirror which needs a lift to be able to get to non ground level floors.

What are idle hours for?
For example, if you require the booth setting up at 6pm but do not want it running until 9pm, this would be charged at 3 idle hours on top of the hire costs. Idle hours are charged at £25 per hour.

How much deposit do I need to pay?
We take a £100 deposit to secure your date then the remaining balance is due on the night or via BASC or debit/credit card 2 days in advanced.

How do I book?
Its simple - just give us a call on 02920 00 17 19 or email us at info@Photobooths.Wales and a member of our team will get back to you to discuss your event.

If you have other questions - just give us a shout.