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Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror

    Our Magic Mirrors are hugely popular for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate and many other event types. Having a Magic Mirror for your wedding will provide an amazing, fun and exciting experience for your wedding reception guests when they stand in front of the 65 inch magical looking touch-screen fun mirror. With interactive instructions, a touch screen and fun props to put on, whilst a completely camera behind the mirror makes the magic happen. When you are finished it prints the photos for you and the mirror preview them to you whilst you’re waiting.

    As the Booth is open there is no restriction of number of people, so if you can see yourself in the Mirror your in the picture. The Mirror is smaller in comparison to the Booth which makes it ideal for venues where you are restricted for room, but also for big open venues as its appearance steals the show. Guests are free to return to the Mirror as many times as they wish with unlimited prints during the hiring period. A link will also be provided to you after the event to download & also share all digital photos taken from the event. For lasting memories, we can also provide a Guest Book allowing your guests to add a copy of their photos to the guest book & write a personal message!

    at Photobooths.Wales we have all types of Photobooth

  • A Bumper Size Prop box!
  • Guest Book
  • Unlimited Prints
  • Customisable Graphics on YOUR Photos
  • Premium 6" x 4" prints
  • Digital copy provided by Secure Cloud Storage
  • Social media uploads (IF you want)
  • One of our friendly members of staff
  • Free Delivery to your venue (up to 30 miles)



  • How long you need to hire your booth for?
  • Does your venue have enough space for a Photobooth?
  • How many guests will the booth accommodate?
  • Do you have to pay the full amount on booking?
  • Is the booth you are receiving going to look professional?
  • Does your booth come with props?
  • Can you choose the graphics, colours and text on your photo overlay?
  • How long is the print time?
  • Do you get a guest book?
  • What happens if your booth stops working whilst you're using it?
  • Are you paying extra per print or reprint?
  • Will you get the digital copies of your photos after your event?
  • Is your booth using professional printers or a home printer on a table nearby with cables running from the booth?
  • Is the attendant going to dig into your allotted rental time you are paying for to refill inkjet printer paper?